Nozin Shield Program Nozin Nasal Sanitizer

The Nozin Shield™ Program in Healthcare Facilities

Nozin has solutions for Hospitals, Long Term Care Facilities, Outpatient Surgery Centers, Clinics and Doctor Offices that are ready to take their infection control and infection prevention strategies to an innovative level. The nose is a reservoir for bacteria that [...] Read more »

Tips for a Healthy Winter Nozin Blog

Tips for a Healthy Winter Season

The Winter season is settling in and brings cold, cold temperatures, increased risk of infection and less activity. Maintain healthy and restorative patterns to boost your immune system this winter and create healthy habits that set you up for success! Get good [...] Read more »

Nozin is Everywhere You are for Winter

Nozin is Everywhere You Are for Winter!

As the Winter season descends, so does the Cough and Cold season which can make the holidays even more challenging.  The winter season includes increased exposure to disease causing germs as we increase our exposure with holiday parties, visiting friends [...] Read more »