About Nozin

The Company

Global Life Technologies Corp. (GLT) is the maker of the NOZIN® brand products. The Company formed with the mission to improve the quality of life for people by introducing unique and effective healthcare products. Our Company motto is to “enhance life through innovative health technologies”. The Company intends to fulfill its mission through the development, marketing and sales of superior healthcare products throughout the world.

Our proprietary products are directed at the growing health maintenance and disease prevention markets. The NOZIN® Nasal Sanitizer® antiseptic, the Company’s first product under the NOZIN® brand, is supported by substantial research, development and successful clinical trials (see below). Nozin focuses on products that help the nose optimize its natural function to protect and enhance our well being. We are all primarily nose breathers which makes the nose our body’s vital connection to the environment. For Nozin, “Healthy Nose, Healthy Life™” is our guiding principle which highlights how important the nose is to our body’s health and our lives.

Scientific Steering Committee and Advisory Board

We are committed to continuing our investments in research and have enlisted the support of the scientific community by forming a Scientific Steering Committee composed of prominent scientists from major research universities in the United States. The scientists on this committee are all independently funded by the National Institutes of Health to carry out research in areas related to transmission of infectious diseases. The Steering Committee has, in turn, identified and recruited independent scientists who are recognized as the leading experts in the area of airborne diseases to carry out the studies that validate the efficacy of Nozin. Validation and support from renowned physicians and researchers is central to our aim of providing quality health products to consumers.

Dr. Richard Markham (Bio), the Chairman of GLT’s Scientific Steering Committee, a Medical Doctor and renowned infectious disease specialist, is known for his groundbreaking work in the area of novel microbicides, an area that GLT is actively pursuing. Another Advisor to the Board, Dr. Xiao-Fang Yu (Bio). Dr. Xiao-Fang Yu, a Chinese native, published an article in Science that bolstered his reputation for innovation in creating a vaccine for AIDS. A multi-site vaccine trial using Dr. Xiao-Fang Yu’s technology is underway in China at the present.

These experts, and others, are actively contributing to the scientific direction of the Company.

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