Thanksgiving 2014 Travel Tips

Thanksgiving 2014 Travel Tips Nozin Nasal Sanitizer Blog

More than 12.3 million round-trip passengers are expected on airlines this Thanksgiving holiday, and AAA predicts 46.3 million Americans will travel more than 50 miles from home. From last year, that’s a 1.5% increase in air travel and a 4.2% increase in road travel.  Add in a possible snow storm and people will need lots of patience to arrive to their turkey dinners.

Arrive early – especially with a winter storm possible, getting to the airport or train station well ahead of time will be less stress for you.  Checking in online can cut down on some of your time.

Know the TSA rules – getting through TSA can be a test of patience.  Read the guidelines before you arrive to make sure you have everything you need.

Wrap your gifts (if any) at your destination: a TSA officer may have to unwrap gifts to inspect the contents.  Shipping ahead may be an easier option.

Be prepared for baggage fees – Mashable has a great  airline fees chart to plan ahead and know what you’ll have to pay.  Many are charging for carry-ons too so check ahead.  If you can, pack light and avoid baggage fees completely.

Pack your own snacks – after ensuring that your liquids and carry-ons are within TSA guidelines, pack your own food or snacks.  Even some extra to share with a fellow traveler.  10 Healthy Snacks for Travel

For Road Travel – avoid the roads on the Wednesday before the holiday and the following Sunday to ease some of the stress of driving.  These are the most heavily traveled days.

Use Travel Apps on Your Phone:  Make sure you have handy travel apps installed on your phone – here are Six Best Travel Apps that we like.

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