Leaf-Peeping 2014 – Best Fall Destinations!

Leaf Peeping Fall 2014 Best Fall Destinations Nozin Blog

The Greatest Show on Earth is happening all over the country – Autumn!  The vibrant yellows, reds and oranges are flashing their colors and early in many places due to the mild summer temperatures.  From early September to the end of November we have the perfect combination of cooler weather and Mother Nature’s showcase to inspire leaf-peeping day trips or weekend excursions.

We would love to know your favorite foliage destinations or share some of your best pics of Autumn in your area on the Nozin Facebook page!

New England Fall Foliage Maps and Peak Foliage Interactive Map – from Connecticut and Rhode Island into the great state of Maine, New England offers some stunning displays.  Check the maps to plan your trip and find out where the biggest bunch of leaves are waiting for your frolic!

State by State Fall Foliage Update – Smarter Travel put together a comprehensive list of individual states so you can pick and choose or focus on your area!

Peak Fall Foliage Dates – the Farmer’s Almanac lists the PEAK dates for seeing the leaves according to state.  Times are based on weather conditions and can change every year.

Move the map below around to check your areas … and don’t forget to pack your Nozin® Nasal Sanitizer® – it’s everywhere you are this Fall!



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