earthXplorer Travels to Alaska

We are absolutely thrilled to welcome JD Andrews aka earthXplorer, the popular travel writer and photographer, as a Nozin Travel Ambassador.  We could not ask for a more exciting travel partner!

Recently, JD was on a cruise in Alaska.  Alaska.  Just take a moment to soak this in …

Humpback Whale tail at lemesurier Island Alaska

JD is already packing for his next adventure – a Mediterranean CRUISE!!  You can follow his travels and swoon over his awesome photos by connecting:

@earthXplorer on twitter

earthXplorer Media on Facebook

earthXplorer on Pinterest

earthXplorer website

Before JD dashes off to his next destination, he had a few minutes to share some thoughts about Alaska with us:

I fell in love with Alaska back in 1994 when I first sailed the inside passage onboard a cruise ship that I worked on. Since I was in charge of all the video production onboard, I was able to really see and capture all of Alaska’s beauty and share it with the ships passengers and crew. I created shore excursions and destination videos of all the different ports the ship called on.

For all those years I experienced most of Alaska from the deck of a cruise ship. On this trip with Un-Cruise, I was able to get on land and explore the national forests as well as taking smaller boats to get up close to the tiny islands and experience the amazing views and wildlife.

I have so many great memories from this trip but the one that really stands out was the night the ship was off the coast of Point Hugh. The sun was setting, turning the sky from blue to orange into an amazing dark pink. While the sun was doing it’s thing, below in the water, around twenty humpback whales were swimming all around the boat. Each one creating the perfect “tail shot” as it would come to the surface to catch a breath and then wave goodbye with it’s massive tail. At least three whales came so close to the boat, you could’ve reached out and touched them. The Perfect Alaska experience!

Alaska is one of those places that you will never see all of it and you’ll always want to return to see more and more.

We can’t wait to hear more about Alaska and his future trips and YOU can listen in too!  JD will be back in August for a #LoveYourNose twitter party – stay tuned for details!

Are you traveling this summer?  Nozin is everywhere you are and we want to hear about your adventures – share a link or photo on the Nozin Facebook Page!

JD travel Routine with Nozin

Brown Bear at Takatz Bay Alaska

Tufted Puffin flying at lemesurier Island Alaska

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