Tips for an Amazing Family Road Trip

Tips for an Amazing Family Road Trip from Nozin Blog

    August is the last month to take advantage of summer and many families are choosing a good, old-fashioned road trip before the school year begins again.  To some, being stuck in the car with the whole family doesn’t sound like much fun, but you get out of it what you put into it.  Red Book has 9 awesome suggestions for Family Road Trips for memorable family time and great sightseeing. Now for the important parts: how do you avoid the almost inevitable backseat wars, frequent restroom stops, or [...] Read more »

Bon Voyage! Best Tips for a Cruise

Bon Voyage Best Tips for a Cruise from Nozin Blog

Cruises are growing popularity every year with more than 20 million people cruising globally in 2013 and over 17 million of those out of North American ports, according to the Cruise Industry Overview.  For many, open ocean vistas and the all-inclusive fares sing a siren song to head to sea.  Summer and Winter are the two most popular times for cruising so Fall is a great time for those looking for a deal.  Be warned though, hurricane potential exists in the Caribbean from late summer into fall. Before shipping out, [...] Read more »

Beat the Heat with Cool Temperature Destinations this August

Beat the Heat Cool Temperature Destinations for Summer from Nozin Blog

Does the summer heat have you wishing for an August blizzard?  Are you hiding indoors with your air conditioning set on 60F and making hot chocolate? Instead of dreaming of cooler temps and spending all that money on electric bills, how about a summer getaway to beat the heat in a cooler temperature destination? We have a few suggestions that don’t include baking on a beach: Iceland keeps it cool in summer with temperatures that rarely go above 60 degrees in the summer.  Be ready for lots of daylight, though, the [...] Read more »

8+ Foods to Help You Hydrate

8 Foods that Help You Hydrate from Nozin Blog

The “dog days of summer” are here – the hottest time of the summer months when the main focus becomes seeking relief from the heat.  Not only is drinking plenty of water important, but moderating time spent in the sun and outdoors is very important. This Thursday is National Heatstroke Prevention Day and you can join in the conversation on social media. Simple seasonal foods, fresh field to table salads full of hydrating veggies are great ways to eat light and stay hydrated while enjoying the bounty of summer.  Ready [...] Read more »