Swimming in Safe Waters – Beaches and Hygiene

Swimming in Safe Waters - Beaches and Hygiene from Nozin Blog

  A visit to beaches is an annual summer pilgrimage for many families – sand castles, splashing in the surf, riding the waves – days of sun, surf and sand. Before you dive in, you may want to check the NRDC report to make sure you are swimming in safe waters – and we don’t mean safe from sharks. According to NRDC, a large number of U.S. shores continue to suffer from storm water runoff and sewage pollution that can cause swimmers to become very ill.  High bacteria counts and [...] Read more »

Tips for the Best Family Staycation Ever

Tips for the Best Family Staycation Ever from Nozin Blog

Being a tourist in the area where you live can be the perfect family vacation – a Staycation!  With the economic crunch and lots to do to prepare for back to school, a Staycation can be the perfect antidote for the end of summer blues. Plus, Staycations are a great way to pump money back into your local economy and leave a smaller carbon footprint for the eco-conscious families. How do you take a Staycation?  With careful planning and lots of enthusiasm – we have tips for the BEST family [...] Read more »

Sneaky Summer Germs – Where Are They Hiding?

Sneaky Summer Germs - Where Are They Hiding Nozin Nasal Sanitizer Blog

Summer is all about the great outdoors – sunshine, fresh air and …. GERMS?    The sweltering temps and high humidity create environments that germs love.  Make sure you know where the germiest hotspots are setting up camp for the summer season. Where are Summer Germs hiding? Sandboxes – letting the kids play in the backyard and have some fun in the sandbox sounds like a great interlude, but if you have an open sandbox, domesticated and wild animals may be using it for a bathroom.  Check the sand, rake [...] Read more »

Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke {Summer Safety}

Tips for Preventing Heat Stroke and Heat Related Illness from Nozin Blog

As the temperatures soar this summer, so does the danger of heat stroke and heat-related illnesses.  Many of the emergencies that stem from heat are completely preventable, so educating yourself and your family about the dangers and prevention is important for a safe and healthy summer. July 31 is National Heatstroke Prevention Day. Join in the social media conversation on that day and tweet and post on Facebook every hour on the hour from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. @NHTSAgov will be using the hashtag #heatstroke on all its social media posts and [...] Read more »