Beat the Heat with Cool Temperature Destinations this August

Beat the Heat Cool Temperature Destinations for Summer from Nozin Blog

Does the summer heat have you wishing for an August blizzard?  Are you hiding indoors with your air conditioning set on 60F and making hot chocolate? Instead of dreaming of cooler temps and spending all that money on electric bills, how about a summer getaway to beat the heat in a cooler temperature destination? We have a few suggestions that don’t include baking on a beach: Iceland keeps it cool in summer with temperatures that rarely go above 60 degrees in the summer.  Be ready for lots of daylight, though, the [...] Read more »

8+ Foods to Help You Hydrate

8 Foods that Help You Hydrate from Nozin Blog

The “dog days of summer” are here – the hottest time of the summer months when the main focus becomes seeking relief from the heat.  Not only is drinking plenty of water important, but moderating time spent in the sun and outdoors is very important. This Thursday is National Heatstroke Prevention Day and you can join in the conversation on social media. Simple seasonal foods, fresh field to table salads full of hydrating veggies are great ways to eat light and stay hydrated while enjoying the bounty of summer.  Ready [...] Read more »

Cell Phones and Germs – What lives on your phone?

Cell Phones and Germs - What is Living on Your Phone from Nozin Blog

We use cell phones every single day and multiple times a day.  We text, snap pictures, send emails and make calls.  And every contact with our cell phone is a potential for transmitting germs to our hands and faces. Dr. Cain of the American Academy of Physicians says: “People are just as likely to get sick from their phones as from handles of the bathroom.” Think about where your cell phone is – near your pillow, in the gym with you, traveling to and from work.  How many times do you casually set [...] Read more »

Swimming in Safe Waters – Beaches and Hygiene

Swimming in Safe Waters - Beaches and Hygiene from Nozin Blog

  A visit to beaches is an annual summer pilgrimage for many families – sand castles, splashing in the surf, riding the waves – days of sun, surf and sand. Before you dive in, you may want to check the NRDC report to make sure you are swimming in safe waters – and we don’t mean safe from sharks. According to NRDC, a large number of U.S. shores continue to suffer from storm water runoff and sewage pollution that can cause swimmers to become very ill.  High bacteria counts and [...] Read more »